About the site:

Allons-y Craft is all about making things that make people smile. Some crafts/recipes/parties featured here are born from my own weird and ridiculous imagination.  Others I’ve seen done and just wanted to try my way (read: weird, ridiculous, and on a budget).

About Crafty Miss J:

My name is Jada and for as long as I can remember I have loved making things and throwing parties for my friends and family. Since 2004, I’ve worked with creative types in theatres and theme parks, and corporate types in hotels and startups. My dream is to craft and entertain my way across the continent! As a bona fide nerd I love reading, watching all the documentaries and indie films on Netflix, trying to style my dogs hair into a mohawk, and having deep discussions on the story lines of Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Most things I know via bursts of obsession – I see someone doing something, I read up and learn all about it, then I do it. I make and plan things randomly for friends, but you can always email me or visit my etsy page if you want something too!

Let’s go!

2 thoughts

  1. Just want to say thanks v much for stopping by my blog and for the follow, you’ve got a great blog here. Love the crafty projects and look forward to seeing what else you create 🙂

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