Life As I Know It

Pour Painting Checklist

Pour Painting is a fun craft technique to try that I’m super into right now. Below is a checklist of the items I use for my projects. For techniques, I’ll leave that to you to peruse the internet to find the best and most fun method for you (there are so many!) NOTE: I will […]


Live Streaming 101

As you may or may not know, I used to work in live streaming. I actually moved to New York to work at a company called (wait for it…) Livestream. I started as a production coordinator and did everything from creating budgets for prospective clients sent through the Sales team to helping the technicians pack […]


Holiday DIY Wrap Up

After the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday (what is that even?) dust has settled you should have all your shopping taken care of, right? Yeah, me neither. But once you do get all those presents you want to make sure they beautiful under the tree, or in the stocking, or where ever you’re […]