Things I Made Last Week

Sorry for the random post, y’all! I’m in NYC (again!) and definitely scrambling around (but thats the New York way isn’t it?) For once I’ll be here all weekend instead of just one afternoon. There’s a blogfest with a bunch of design expos I’ll be covering, so I’ll make sure post pictures of all my adventures this weekend. And yes, this is basically my excuse filled way of saying there is no Friday Five Round up! But hopefully Allons-y Craft will be chock full of awesomeness this special weekend that you won’t even notice…other than me pointing it out right now 🙂

But below are some things I spur of the moment crafted. If you remember those left over branches I had, I used the rest in my room to make a hanging jewlery organizer. Saves space on top of my dresser and helps me see all my bling! Plus it looks pretty cool 🙂

I also had a small, clear vase from Michael’s that I just kept shoving receipts in, so I decided to glam it up! I used liquid gold leaf on the inside (waaaaay easier to use than the foil) and two coats of powder blue spray paint on the outside. I used painters tape just to give it a fun angle instead of just half and half.

And finally, I made an embroidered felt barrette for the Cubs game I went to. It was super easy and only used two types of stitches! I totally suggest you make them for your favorite team this season.

Have a great weekend and keep checking back. Allons-y!



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