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Holiday DIY Wrap Up

After the Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Green Monday (what is that even?) dust has settled you should have all your shopping taken care of, right? Yeah, me neither. But once you do get all those presents you want to make sure they beautiful under the tree, or in the stocking, or where ever you’re […]


Things I Made Last Week

Sorry for the random post, y’all! I’m in NYC (again!) and definitely scrambling around (but thats the New York way isn’t it?) For once I’ll be here all weekend instead of just one afternoon. There’s a blogfest with a bunch of design expos I’ll be covering, so I’ll make sure post pictures of all my […]


DIY Mothers Day

No really, Mothers Day is in 3 days you really shouldn’t be waiting until the last minute! And at this point if you only show up with a card on Sunday, she will know it’s because you forgot. No worries, if you’re an über procrastinator like me, I found a few quick DIY’s to save […]


And They’re Off! DIY Derby Hat

  There are only 4 days until “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” and you don’t have a derby hat?!?! Fair enough, as they can cost an arm and a leg, especially one for a large and in charge version. Have no fear! My friend Selena and I got together to make one for her upcoming […]


Spring on the outside, spring on the inside

One of the crappy things about working freelance is your paycheck may sometimes be at the mercy of people less organized than you. Case in point, I was asked to make an arrangement out of huge branches painted white.  Unfortunately the person went MIA and now I have a small snow white forest in my […]


You & Me & Cross Stitch Decor!

Inspiration is a crazy thing. While waiting for the paint to dry on one project, I decided to look up a good pattern of lips for another project. While searching the interwebs, I came across a great ampersand cross stitch. The one I saw was super cute, but someone was charging $50 for it.  What […]