Happy Cinco de Drink-o!!!



Hey friends! It’s gonna be Cinco de Mayo on Taco Tuesday! How is that for kismet?! Last year I had this genius idea just pop into my head for…wait for it… …. …. TEQUI-LIME PIE! Genius, right? (I’m sure someone else has had this idea in the past, but I never heard of it, so I’m the genius!) In all honesty, I’ve never made a key lime pie in my life, much less a boozy one. But I did my research and now the time has come to share my findings!

Vamos! (that’s Spanish for Allons-y!)


It’s super simple, basically this easy peasy key lime pie recipe (minus the zest and I used bottled juice because it’s tangier!) + 2 shots of Patrón Citrónage (gotta get in the spirit of spirits!) = the happy dancing mini pies you see above! I was kind of lazy on the crust, so I just used those mini pre-made one’s in the aisle next to the pie tins.

Just put a slice of lime on the top and you are ready to start the celebrations!

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