Spicy Pork Glass Noodle Soup

Earlier this summer I was sick as a dog! And not the cute kind either, full on World’s Ugliest Dog sick. It really sucked. I came up with this recipe using what I had in the kitchen, and also because it took no time at all.


The spiciness cleared up my sinuses, and the broth soothed my throat. It was pretty much one of the best soups I’ve ever made (full disclosure: I’ve only ever made two soups from scratch.)

You can substitute the pork for chicken breast, just make sure you also swap thyme for poultry seasoning.

I just found this awesome site that let’s you turn your recipes into an infographic, so I decided to try it out with this one.

Warms your bones and clears your head.
Warms your bones and clears your head.

Let me know what you think.


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