Obligatory Post-Grammy’s Music Post!

I know very few people who can work without music playing in the background. I mean, even the dentist office has some sort of late-’70’s singer-songwriter/smooth jazz muzak in the background. It’s practically narcotic (10 points if you know that movie reference!) But I wanted to share my latest playlist with you all. It’s my general making stuff, running around the house/city jams. A complete hodgepodge of genres, artists, and decades. From songs I listened to while waiting for the bus in high school (311, SWV, BBMak, Garbage, and Mandy Moore…I always had eclectic tastes) to songs my coworkers (read: dogs) love hearing me sing all the wrong lyrics to (Fitz & the Tantrums, Deee-Lite, Kylie, Jay-Z, 2NE1). And everything in between! If you don’t have Spotify – get it. If you don’t have Spotify Premium – get it! So great and only $9.99/month for all the music you could ever want to hear…and never want to hear for that matter (I’m talking to you Taylor Swift!) Okay, commercial over – enjoy the tunes!

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