Friday Five Roundup #3

This Friday is leading into a very exciting weekend! Saturday you can grab your hat and watch the Kentucky Derby. And on Sunday Funday, you can spend your winnings buying rounds of margaritas for everyone for Cinco de Mayo! So here are some things to get you through the rest of Friday before the epic weekend begins. Allons-y!


Gizzi Erskine is a punk rock food angel (and even has the tattooed wings to prove it!) I had the pleasure of seeing her cook at the Taste of Dubai in March. She was funny, beautiful, and made food delicious and surprisingly healthy food I would make for my friends. She’s kind of a big deal across the pond, so I suggest you find any of her great cookbooks, turn up the Clash, and rock the kitchen!

Country Living

Country Living has a new book full of decorating, DIY, and gardening solutions you should check out. I reviewed it over at Mochatini and included some of the amazing pictures. Somethings are fast and fun, while others are weekend warrior overhauls. Either way you should snag it and get your house/apartment/lair ready for summer entertaining!

Gift Guide

Also over at Mochatini, I have my top picks for Mother’s Day gifts. Yeah, it’s next Sunday so you might want to get on that sooner rather than later.

ibis_sleep_art-1 ibis_sleep_art-2 ibis_sleep_art-3 ibis_sleep_art

I totally love this new app I have for my phone called Ibis Sleep Art. You start the app as you’re going to bed and it records your tossing and turning in the form of a beautiful visualization when you wake up.

Last night, I was invited to see The Red, an 8-minute psychological thriller about…wait for it…wait for iiiiiiiiiit…student debt (gasp!). All jokes aside it was a good film from Borderline films (they made Martha Marcy May Marlene). It focuses on the the fear a recent graduate faces with student loan debt, and how you can’t hide from it. I was impressed with the non-profit organization, ASA, who decided to do something totally different to approach this topic and start the conversation with students. [insert PSA voice here] So if you or someone you know is running from student loan debt, have them watch the movie and visit SALT for help (and enter to win $10,000 to pay off loans – woot!)

Have a great weekend, I’m going to get started on the my mint julep-ritas now!

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