Friday Five Roundup #9

Did you know the next two months have a Friday the 13th? Spooky! Just thought I'd share that. Anyway, check out these cool things I've found on the net! Allons-y! Weekly Writing Challenge So obviously JGL is awesome and his open, collaborative production company, HITRECORD is amazing (if you haven't already just dig through all … Continue reading Friday Five Roundup #9

Friday Five Roundup #8

Friday is here! I feel like this week flew by. I still have so much to do before doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend. But here are some great things I found across the interwebs this week. Allons-y! Fandango Frontrunners The Oscar nominations are out and everyone has something to say about it. … Continue reading Friday Five Roundup #8

Friday Five Roundup #7

Hey! Ho! Happy New Year!┬áIn my mind you can get away with saying that (and mailing new years cards) until the 10th so, HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!!!! Since I work in Times Square every NYE, this is the first Friday Five of 2015, so I made sure to make it a good one. Wanna see … Continue reading Friday Five Roundup #7