Meat Paste Is My New Favorite

I know it sounds weird, spreadable meat? What is it, Spam?

NO! It’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever eaten and I want to eat it on everything! It’s called ‘Nduja Americana made by La Querica and it’s spicy, spreadable prosciutto.

nom nom nom!
nom nom nom!

But let me back up. For weeks, I’ve been craving prosciutto and mozzarella. I blame the weekly backyard BBQ’s at my friend’s new apartment. They always have prosciutto and mozzarella and now I always want it!

So I was at Whole Foods buying a few things and finally ended up lingering around all the tasty, cured meats. I look down and I see this amazing stuff. According to the website, it’s “fully cured prosciutto and speck, sea salt, red chili pepper.”

I have so far eaten it mixed into my pasta sauce, on homemade, garlic biscuits as a snack, and maaaaaybe just a little pinch or two straight out the casing. Don’t you judge me! It’s so good, I dare you not to!

Seriously, go out, get some, and tell me how much you love it. And yes, you’re welcome.


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