Accessories The Easy Way

When I got back into crafting it was with baby steps. I didn’t dive head first into painting or cross stitch. I just got some stuff, glued it to some other stuff and — voilà! — I just made something. Now this wasn’t your average, gluing pretty things together kind of crafts. No, I’m too weird for that. A lot of my first “glue-tastic” crafts were things I found in the dollhouse section that I affixed to blank jewelry findings. My coffee cup ring was such a hit when I first started making them, I just bought all the pieces that Hobby Lobby sold because I gave all the rings I made away. Of course once they stopped restocking them, I had to start charging (shipping charges, amirite?)

Getting back to my “let’s just make stuff already” frame of mind, here is an easy step-by-step guide to gluing stuff to other stuff to make new stuff.


Strong glue
Blank pin or barrette back
Blank ring finding
Some fun dollhouse accessory piece or large beads

Something to spread glue with
Small binder clip

First, gather up all your pieces and make sure the surfaces you are gluing together are clean and dry.

*If your surface is a non-porous (think plastics), then you may have to use sandpaper to roughen it up a bit.

IMG_6024 IMG_6026

Next, use a binder clip to hold your ring base upright and apply glue to each surface. Enough to cover both without it oozing out everywhere.


— Interglued —
(like “interlude” but with glue. Get it?)

*The glue I like to use is a 2-part epoxy based glue for plastics and ceramics. You can find it at any hardware store or Amazon. It comes with a little stick to stir the mixture together and spread the glue on surfaces. The trick with this type of glue is to make sure to mix it evenly. Too much of one or the other and the glue will never properly harden. It just stays tacky and sticky forever.

Okay, back to crafting!

Press the pieces together firmly for 20 seconds. Try not to move it around too much either.

Leave the rest up to time and gravity! Depending on the glue you use, it will give you a timeframe as to when the glue will be cured. Just to be safe, always give it at least a few hours.

To test and make sure the bond is secure, I grab the piece by both ends and give it a twist in opposite directions. If actually trying to break it doesn’t pry it loose, then it’s good to wear out in the real world!


Now you’re all set with unique and interesting bling your friends will want to steal. And they never have to know the whole lot costs you less than $12 and took less than 15 minutes (drying time not included).

Let me know in the comments if there are any awesome accessories you’ve made by just gluing stuff together.


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