23 Times Glitter Made It Better


Let’s face it, glitter get’s a bad rap. Messy, bright, “girly”, people just don’t like it. Well, they think they don’t. I’ve realized that people don’t really notice they are in the presence of glitter when tastefully applied.

So here are 23 shining examples of glitter looking amazing and elevating craft to a classy level.


Galaxy Slime

(via two-daloo)

The kind of goop your childhood space nerd self would have wanted.

Glitter Flats

(photo via we are not martha)

Make Dorothy and all the witches of Oz jealous with this pair of sparkly kicks.

Oversized Ombre Monogram

(via capital romance)

Monograms — awesome! Ombre — awesome! Glitter — awesome!
See where I’m going with this?

Sassy Kitty Mug

(via sweet c's designs)
(via sweet c’s designs)

This dishwasher safe is as fun to make as it is to drink from.

Glitter Pills

(via a bubbly life)

I mean, why not!

Sequin Heart Wall Art

(via deer pearl flowers)

This one takes a bit of time, but is totally worth it!

Graduation Cap

(via instagram)
(via instagram) 

Let everyone know you’re not just a smarty pants, you’re a crafty pants too!

Edible Glitter

(via spoon university)

How to (safely) make your insides sparkly.

Deer Head Wall Art

(via hey lauren rene)

Displaying a glitter version of your spirit animal is a no brainer.

Glitter Ocean Soap

(via a pumpkin and a princess)

A craft that keeps your kids clean? It’s like a busy parent freebie!

Confetti Dipped Balloons

(via studio diy)

This party staple gets an upgrade without the extra moola.

Glitter Polka Dot Sweater

(via home heart craft)

Get a few more seasons out of your favorite sweater by giving it a custom glitter facelift.

Glitter States Wall Art

(via home is where my heart is)

Show how your hometown outshines all others.

Glitter Accent Clipboard

(via the graphics fairy)

I don’t know about you, but this kicked my office supply obsession up a notch!

Glitter Champagne Bottles

(via camp makery)

Booze and sparkles? This is a party I need an invite to!

Glitter Accent Post Cards

(via moon frye)

Glitter is a travel bug’s best friend.

Glitter Belt and Bag

(via say yes)
(via say yes)

Having wardrobe basics are great, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little personality.

Falling Leaves Garland

(via house of jade interiors)

Ooooooh! So THAT’S how you use brown glitter!

Glitter Vases

(via sweetest occasion)

Because you want your things to look like a million bucks, without actually spending a million bucks.

Glitter Play Dough

(via the chronicles of home)

The only thing brighter will be the sparkle in your kids eyes when they see this.

Monogram Pencil Bag

(via damask with love)

Your pencils will thank you.

Glitzy iPhone Case

(via design sponge)

Because options and glitter go hand in hand.

Glitter Desk

(via jinx in the sky)

Yeah that’s right, a desk covered in glitter! Your workspace just got 1,000% more inspired!

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