Book A Luxury Hotel Room By The Minute

In an age where there’s nothing you can buy, book, or learn from your phone, there’s a new app for the luxury inclined. Meet Recharge, the app that lets you immediately search for and book hotel rooms by the minute. You only pay for the time that you use. The app is free to download and costs range from 83 cents to $2 a minute in New York City. Not including the 14.75% lodging tax because, well, taxes.

The service is for anyone that needs an in-between place. Mom’s needing a change of scenery, the business traveler that needs to nap before their big meeting after a long flight but can’t check into a room yet, or even the upstart writer who wants a little more room than the standing bistro table of their local coffee house can afford. On the flip side of all this convenience, my mind goes to visitors that may have more R-rated intentions. I mean, this is the business model of countless “love” hotels across Europe and Asia (and other places I’m sure, but I’ve only ever encountered them there).

Either way, taking a break from the day in a luxury hotel, is something I may have try. I can spare 10 minutes.


H/t Conde Nast Traveler 

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