Resin Petri

Resin Crafts

For the longest time, I’ve wanted to try resin as a craft medium. It’s an exact craft, and any number of factors can lead to failure; undermixing, room temperature, incorrect portions of the two chemicals, even bubbles. It’s very intimidating and not to mention expensive.

But like many people in the world, I was finally convinced to try it after falling into an Instagram hole. It started with looking at all the acrylic pouring style paintings. Then alcohol ink was my jam. I noticed that no matter which one, they were both usually finished in resin. A thin, sometimes thick layer poured over top and allowed to cure giving it a shine like it was still wet. It looked, as the kids say, dope AF! I bought a small kit for coating my future paintings. Yeah, I still haven’t made any yet. Like I said, rabbit hole.

After buying a ton more resin craft goodies (pipets, silicone baking molds, gloves, tongue depressors, the whole shebang!) and watching hours of tutorials on youtube, I tried my practice round of petri/coaster crafts.

I made an Instagram story of how the whole thing goes down so everyone can get their craft on!

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