Champagne Thursday: Saint Germain Champagne Cocktail

In 2016 I came up with two ideas for a series of drinking videos. One is stuck in limbo as I HATE editing videos (if anyone would like to do it for me, let me know. I’ve acquired quite the collection of footage). The other was based on a super throwaway line from a mediocre romantic comedy that I love.

The movie: Failure to Launch


The line:


I loved the idea of drinking champagne just because it was Thursday. Like, hell yeah! I researched a bunch of champagne-based drinks and came up with not only teaching people how to make a yummy bubbly drink but making sure the drink stands the test of time…by drinking three in one sitting. I mean just because you like a drink, doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily like it when you have to have three in a row (fun fact: three is also the number of alcoholic drinks I can tolerate before I need either water or a nap).

So after two years of formulating, researching, and editing (or learning how to edit tbh) I finally have something to share! First up, is a Saint Germain Champagne Cocktail. You can amp up, or water down the amount of booze you want in this sweet drink, making it a crowd pleaser for everyone in your day drinking brunch crew.

Note: We talk an awful lot about Harry Potter and Beyonce in this video, so prepare yourselves for that.

But if you do try out this cocktail, let me know how it went in the comments!


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