Last Minute New Year’s Eve Party

You have successfully survived another holiday season! Only one more shindig in 2014 remains, New Year’s Eve. If you’re like me, you have absolutely no desire to go to some overpriced nightclub for overpriced drinks and crappy top 40 (how in the world were they) hits. But between returning not so great Christmas presents and trying to clean up the 8 billion pine needles, you think you don’t have time to plan a party. But it’s beyond easy, even with less than one week left! Check out some quick and easy ways to ring in the new year below.


The Booze:

First of all the Drink Calculator. Don’t under or overbuy because no one wants an empty glass at midnight, or to be stuck with that weird cuvée you got at your office holiday gift exchange. This handy tool lets you input the length of your party in addition to the how many light/average/heavy drinkers are attending.

Drink Calculator

But if you are stuck with the less than stellar champagne selection from you local liquor store, dress it up! Add a bright garnish, like frozen cranberry skewers that keep individual bubbly chilled.


Or spend a few extra minutes infusing with herbed simple syrup (this one is equal parts water and sugar with 3 sage leaves).


The Room:


Keep decorations super simple, by making one wall a fringed backdrop. No time to buy fancy crepe paper? Just spray paint strips of craft paper!

The Noms:


Need a quick way to feed a bunch of people without slaving over the stove? Enter the crock pot! This great lemon chicken recipe can be started in the morning and ready by the time guests arrive. Add some roasted veggies and potatoes, and guests will have a good base to soak up all those libations!

And there you have it – Booze! Decor! Food! All in time to ring in the new year without stressing yourself out the last few hours of the old!

Here’s to 2016!


Author: Jada

I make pretty things that make people feel good.

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