Friday Five Roundup #7

Hey! Ho! Happy New Year! In my mind you can get away with saying that (and mailing new years cards) until the 10th so, HAPPY FREAKING NEW YEAR!!!!
Since I work in Times Square every NYE, this is the first Friday Five of 2015, so I made sure to make it a good one. Wanna see what’s got me keen in 2015 (other than corny rhymes, that is)? Well keep reading!


The Jealous Curator The Jealous Curator
How many times have you seen something amazing and thought, “damn. I wish I thought of that”? Well, think it one more time. The Jealous Curator features amazing contemporary art finds, that evokes envy as well as inspiration.

How to Create a Vision Board How to Create a Vision Board
Now that you’re thoroughly inspired, it’s time to put well intentioned thoughts into a visual reminder of action. As a lover of anything involving scissors and glue, I had to share Love Brown Sugar‘s tips on creating a vision board to make 2015 yours.

Creative Bug Creative Bug
I am notorious for seeing something I like, then reading/watching/googling everything I can about it to make it myself. It’s part of my charm! Creative Bug helps in my highly obsessed focused process. It’s full of high quality tutorials on every type of craft you can possibly think of (the arm knitting one is what got me hooked). Try a few of the free videos and if you like it, go for their premium access and be a master of all the things!

Chef Steps
When I say I have watched every video they have on the PBS app on apple tv, I am in no way exaggerating (again, part of my charm). It started with the Ultimate Roast Chicken Video and hasn’t stopped since. Be prepared to see me try a lot of food tutorials from their amazing recipes.



My BuzzFeed Page! My BuzzFeed Page
A few months ago, I wanted to post on somethings that didn’t necessarily fit in my crafting category here at Allons-y Craft. Enter BuzzFeed Community! A place to showcase funny aspects and thoughts from my everyday life into a list filled with gifs (obviously!) And awesome enough, it has led to me being picked to participate as a Lifestyle/DIY Fellow. So expect to see more of my brand of hilarious and crafty foolishness on the interweb machines!

Have a great weekend!

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