Friday Five Roundup #9

Did you know the next two months have a Friday the 13th? Spooky! Just thought I’d share that. Anyway, check out these cool things I’ve found on the net!


Weekly Writing Challenge

Weekly Writing Challenge
So obviously JGL is awesome and his open, collaborative production company, HITRECORD is amazing (if you haven’t already just dig through all the creative things people are making, sharing and working on together every day). One of the things I came across and loved is the Weekly Writing Challenge. Collaborative non-traditional writing prompts to get your literary juices flowing.

How to Write by Neil Gaiman

If the weekly prompts aren’t enough, the incomprable Neil Gaiman has your easy ticket to being a successful writer here. Totally legit advice if you ask me.

Story NYC

I’m kind of obsessed with the whole concept that is Story. Originally reading about the creator, Rachel Shechtman in Their Roaring Thirties, and her vision to create this store unlike anything done before. With a new “story” every month it stays fresh and innovative.

Plays with Needles

sendai block_0063   sendai block_0059
Aside from the hilarious name, Plays with Needles features some amazing embroidery designs. Though her Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Alice and Wonderland pieces are amazing, it’s the Prayer for Sendai (pictured above) piece that blew me away.

Be My Eyes App

Be My Eyes_Credits Emil Jupin & Thelle Kristensen
The coolest and easiest way to help someone in need.  From their press release:

“It only takes a minute to choose the right tin can from the shelf, look at the expiration date on the milk or find the right thing to eat in the fridge ­ if you have full vision that is. For visual impaired individuals smaller tasks in their home can often become bigger challenges. The new app is called “Be My Eyes” and hopes to change that!
Through a direct video call the app gives blind people the opportunity to ask a sighted
volunteer for help, for tasks that requires normal vision. The blind person “lends” the helper’s eyes all through his or her smartphone. The sighted helper is able to see and describe what the blind person is showing the sighted helper by filming with the video camera in the smartphone. That way, by working together they are able to solve the problem that the blind person is facing.”


Have a great weekend!

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