Friday Five Roundup #8

Friday is here! I feel like this week flew by. I still have so much to do before doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend. But here are some great things I found across the interwebs this week. Allons-y!

Fandango Frontrunners
Fandango Frontrunners
The Oscar nominations are out and everyone has something to say about it. But if we’re sticking strictly to the movies up for an award, Fandango has interviews with the actors for the top nominated movies. They even have a printable ballot for you to cast your vote at your own Oscar themed party at home.

The Dog Cafe
The Dog Cafe
Now that America has it’s first cat cafe, it’s time to let the dogs have their day! Currently raising funds on Indigogo, The Dog Cafe is looking to raise $200,000 by February 5th. So if you like coffee, tea, and pups go ahead and donate. All the dogs at the cafe will be rescues that are ready to come home with you.

Last week I mentioned Creative Bug to watch videos and get your crafty juices flowing. But if you’re looking for more technical skill set, I have just the thing. Skillfeed offers an array of classes, from graphic design and web development to career development health and wellness. The best part is, instead of paying for individual classes, you pay $19/month and take all you want! Yay learning!


Another great idea looking for crowdfunding is Fahz, a 3-D printed vessel that has multiple profiles hidden in the surface of the vase at different intervals.

In general I love all websites dedicated to food, but FWx takes the cake (pun intended). With articles about which craft beer pairs well with Girl Scout cookies and features on restaurants that aren’t only serving delicious fare, but are amazing in design, what’s not to love. They also have a handy newsletter so the articles come directly to your inbox.

Have a great weekend!

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