Accessories The Easy Way

When I got back into crafting it was with baby steps. I didn't dive head first into painting or cross stitch. I just got some stuff, glued it to some other stuff and — voilà! — I just made something. Now this wasn't your average, gluing pretty things together kind of crafts. No, I'm too … Continue reading Accessories The Easy Way

13 Killer Cross Stitch Patterns

HERE COMES HALLOWEEN! HERE COMES HALLOWEEN! HOLLA-HOLLA-HOLLA-HOLLA-HOLLA-HOLLA-HALLOWEEN!!! I love Halloween guys! You get to play dress up, eat candy, and decorate everything. For me it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Also, all the weird and creepy craft ideas in my head get to see the light of day without it seeming as depraved if it were any other month. I found 13 (obvs!) of the scariest cross stitch patterns the interwebs has to 7 not so scary ones in case you are a little squeamish.

Creative Living Inspiration

More Liz Gilbert inspired quotes from her Magic Lessons podcast and this interview on creative living from Etsy.   Oh and in case you're wondering, I make pretty much all of these using Canva and Unsplash. Try it out so I can see what you made. Allons-y!